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Teaching Body Positivity

Jst had a great convo w/ my 11 yr old son. He got frustrated bc I said I was fat. And I said, “there’s nothing wrong w/ me. I am fat but I’m also beautiful, loving, loyal & a good person. I have struggled 4 a long time w/ my body. Ive hated my body @ times but lately I’m finally starting 2 luv my body. My body has given me 2 beautiful kids & carried thru tough times & great times. Yes, people might say I’m fat & I’m ok w/ that. Society has made us believe that fat is ugly & skinny is beautiful.” He said, “well u always talk about wanting to lose weight?” I said, “I want to lose weight to feel better. Not bc sum1 wants me to look a certain way. Fat might be unhealthy but its not ugly. I’m fat & I’m beautiful.” It’s taken me a LONG time to get here & I thank God for teaching me to love me the way he loves me!

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